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Privacy Notice

Summary: is and always has been run by individuals who are fiercely devoted to the privacy of our visitors and subscribers. Details below.


The information that is revealed about you when you visit depends on what actions you take while you are here. However, no personally identifying information—such as your name, address or phone number—will ever be captured unless you voluntarily provide it (see (C) AND (D), below).

(A) Information gathered from each visitor ["traffic"]: When you browse, our website server automatically collects and stores the following information about you:
  • The name of the domain from which you access the Internet—for example, "" if you are connecting from an America Online account. This information does not include your actual AOL account name

  • The date and time of your visit

  • What links you visit on our site

  • The Internet address of the web site from which you linked directly into our site

  • Your current Internet address (this is the numerical network address—not your email address).

Our site does not use cookies (a cookie is a small data file that can be stored on disk or resides in the memory of your computer and contains information about you that is pertinent to a Web site).

(B) If you visit our site just to browse: We collect only the information itemized in (A) above

(C) If you visit our site and also send us email: In addition to the information itemized in (A) above and which is collected from all browsers, we will obviously have in our possession any additional information contained in the email that you send us. This almost always includes your full email address. It may also include additional identifying information—such as your Company Name, your address, your phone number—if you have set your email preferences to reflect them via a signature file, a vcard, or Header Line information, or if you have actually typed this information in the body of your email message.

(D) If you visit our site and request that we send you our newsletter: In addition to the information itemized in (A) above, we will collect your email address if and when you sign up to receive our email newsletter. We employ a strict "double opt-in" confirmation procedure in our Newsletter subscription process, and never send mailings to an address that has not confirmed a subscription request [Read our full Newsletter FAQ here]

A note on enclosures, documents, media files (sound, picture, video, etc.), and attachments: It is the policy of this website to refuse to accept delivery of unusually large email messages and of any email containing enclosures. email messages of unusual length and all attachments and enclosures (e.g., text files or documents; media files such as graphics, photos, sound files, etc.) are automatically deleted while still in the mail queue on our server. In other words, they are deleted before a human being even receives them.


  • Information itemized in (A) above [browsing visit only]:
    These data are used to produce summary descriptive statistics on the number of visitors to the different sections of our site and certain basic characteristics of those visitors (e.g., country or domain of origin, times of peak visits, etc.). These summaries are commonly known as "traffic reports", and they help webmasters monitor the use of their site and the flow of visits. These data are analyzed and viewed in aggregate, summary form only, and do not include information about individual or single website visits or visitors.

  • Information itemized in (C) above [email you choose to send us]:
    We collect and retain any information needed to act on your request or comment. In addition, unless you explicitly request otherwise, email sent to Steely Dan will be considered fair game for posting online in its entirety (except for email addresses: see "Policies," below). You must tell us in the message itself what other information, if any, you wish withheld from online publication.

  • Information itemized in (D) above [registration for the newsletter]:
    Your email address is used to send you your requested newsletters. We employ a strict "double opt-in" confirmation procedure in our Newsletter subscription process, and never send mailings to an address that has not confirmed a subscription request [Read our full Newsletter FAQ here]

LINKS TO OTHER WEBSITES may contain links to other websites. Please be aware that this privacy statement applies only to, and that we are not responsible for the privacy policies or the content of other websites. As a general practice, we encourage you to be aware when you are leaving and to read the privacy statement of each website that you visit before deciding if you wish to provide them with your email address or personally identifiable information.

The information we obtain will be used only for activities of The Steely Dan Website; we do not and will not rent, lease, sell, or otherwise disclose any information to any person or entity outside of and it's mailing service unless explicitly stated otherwise or as compelled by law.

We take the protection of visitor information extremely seriously. When personal information is stored by the website, it is in a secure location and is accessible only to designated staff. This site has appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures in place to safeguard its data and to help prevent unauthorized access, maintain data security, correctly use the information we collect online, and protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control.

Email published on the website after 6/00 will be stripped of email address before posting. email published on the website before 6/00 has had its return email address modified by text strings in an attempt to hamper automated email address harvesting programs used by spammers. We also employ other methods to try to thwart email harvesting programs. We would appreciate it if you would return the courtesy, and refrain from posting our unobscured email address anywhere online.

Any user, visitor, browser, or subscriber who attempts to misappropriate our newsletter subscription list or other email addresses on this site for the purpose of sending unsolicited email should be advised that we do record and track such attempts. Safeguards are in place that will cause any such attempt to fail. The newsletter subscription of any list member identified as party to such an attempt will be immediately and silently terminated, at minimum; we may also take additional measures by which we will register and express our zero tolerance for such behavior

Indeed, it is the policy of this site to fight spam in any way available, including but not limited to: Posting, forwarding and publicly displaying the spam: sending copies to any and all originating or relay postmasters involved: sending copies to any and all persons listed as administrative, technical, and billing contact according to the current WHOIS database for the offending site(s): sending copies to upstream providers: blocking individual known spammers and blocking entire offending domains. Fraudulent and/or deceptive email will be forwarded to the Federal Trade Commission and/or other legitimate spam-fighting organizations and services for investigation and possible legal action.

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